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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to make my ring after the final decision has been made and I have ordered it? Frequently Asked Questions, Canadian Diamonds, AGS Hearts & Arrows Diamonds, Ideal Cut Diamonds, Canadian Diamond Broker, Wholesale Canadian Diamonds
Typically, it takes three to four weeks for us to complete a ring from when the final order has been placed, to the time that it arrives in your hands, depending upon our volume at the time. For qualified special orders, we will offer you our fast-track processing system, which can greatly reduce the time from start to finish for your ring.

Can I buy a diamond/ring outside of Vancouver or outside of Canada?

Yes we have served thousands of customers from throughout the world from Toronto to Tokyo, Los Angeles to London. Those who live in or around Vancouver wishing to view an item are seen by appointment only, however, we are equipped with phone, fax, email, photo, and scanning technology so that making an appointment to view a piece or discuss what you would like to have created does not have to be done in person. All of our products can be easily shipped to destinations across Canada/USA and worldwide.

You donít have a shopping cart on the site/online purchasing forms, how do I go about purchasing an item?

We donít have a shopping cart on our website because we feel that purchasing a fine piece of jewelry involves a lot of interaction with our customers so that we fully understand your needs and can work with you in order to meet your expectations. In order to purchase an item seen on our website or to make a request of us, contact us via our toll free number at 1-800-723-2841 or by email at Canadian Diamond Wholesale. Either method of contacting us is fine, but we encourage you to use the toll free number (1-800-723-2841) for your convenience to ensure that we can fully understand and satisfy all of your needs and make sure that you get precisely the ring/diamond that you are looking for.

I want to buy a ring, but one that is different than the ones that you have on your site, can you make it?

We show rings on the site that can be purchased, these are suggestions of the type and quality of work that we can perform for you. We make one-of-a-kind hand made pieces that can be designed for you by Ronald Davidson himself, or they can be almost any design that you have in mind.

What about if something happens to the ring during shipment?

The ring is fully covered by us. After you have initiated a purchase with us, all that you have to do is sign for the ring when it gets to your door. Until that time, leave the rest up to us.

What costs are involved if I live in British Columbia?

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. The costs involved to buy a ring are: The price of the ring + GST + PST + $25 to cover shipping/handling & insurance.

What costs are involved if I live outside of BC but still in Canada?

All prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars. The costs involved to buy a ring are: The price of the ring + GST + $25 to cover shipping/handling & insurance. PST is NOT charged for Canadian residents living outside of BC.

What costs are involved if I live in the USA?

For US clients, please phone us for a price quote at 1-800-723-2841. The prices that are quoted on the site include a luxury tax that is charged for Canadian residents. Because you are located in the US this tax would be taken out from the price. There is NO GST, NO State taxes, & NO Duty charged for US residents.

How do I know that the diamond/ring that I am getting is the same one that I saw on the site?

The majority of the diamonds that we sell are GIA or AGS certified, two of the most highly regarded diamond grading institutes in the world. Canadian Diamond Wholesale also inspects every diamond that comes through the workshop to ensure that the diamond you are getting is precisely the diamond that you ordered. For your ultimate piece of mind we encourage you to have your ring/diamond independently appraised. We stand by our products with a 100% money back guarantee and we know that youíll be pleasantly surprised if you choose to do so. We are also a member of the Canadian Jewelers Association, and have over 25 years of service behind our name, along with two Spectrum Awards©, with the last coming in 2002. References can be provided upon request.

How can you sell your products at these prices?

Because Canadian Diamond Wholesale deals directly with the public and our diamonds come direct from the diamond cutters, we reduce the number of middlemen so that you save the difference. We are a wholesaler and therefore do not have to carry inventory, retail space, staff, overhead etc, which is why we can offer the prices that we do.

I donít want a Round diamond but something of a different shape, what should I look for and do you sell them?

We are experts in fancy shaped diamonds, princess cuts, ovals, etc. Buying a diamond that is different from a round diamond can be very tricky since there are not set proportions that these diamonds should adhere to. We encourage you to call us at 1-800-723-2841 or email us if you wish to purchase a fancy shaped diamond so that we can work with you to make sure that the stone you get satisfies your needs.

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